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 Mobilising Data with the new ?GoPro? duplicator from StorDigital Systems
The new StorDigital GoPro duplication system for CD DVD, and BluRay turns traditional tower duplicator functionality on its head. GoPro duplicators allow users to extract the contents of their optical product like, CD, DVD and Blu-Ray direct to flash media through a simple no PC required operation. The GoPro range of DVD CD and Blu-Ray […]

 StorDigital Systems unveil NEW PowerTower Pioneer DVD CD Duplicator
As part of our continue product development we have launched the new StorDigital PowerTower. The PowerTower DVD and CD duplicator utilises our years of experience in optical duplication technology production to deliver a tower DVD CD duplicator that operates at the very pinnacle of performance levels. With the StorDigital PowerTower you get, High Quality Build, […]

 UPJET 3D Printer, by PRNT3D available to buy now from StorDigital.
The PRNT3D UPJET is a new 3D Printer based on the best selling UP! Plus 3D printer. Offering a number of advancements over the original unit the UPJET is designed to work straight out of the box with no assembly required and supported by software for both PC and MAC. All you need to do […]

 Hard Drive Duplicator ? HD Clone Station 5 new from StorDigital Systems
As part of our continued drive to deliver innovative new products we are proud to announce the forthcoming release of our new range of Hard Drive Duplicators. The StorDigital Clone Station range will offer an easy to use solution for individuals and businesses engaged in system building and and IT systems management. The new HDD […]

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Posted in Press Releases by Nicr on the February 11th, 2010

“The StorDigital SD10DVD CD/DVD Copier is the fastest and most versatile duplicator in the StorDigital range, offering 16X burning of DVDs over 10 drives”

November 21st, 2005, London – The SD10DVD 10 Drive 16X DVD Duplicator from StorDigital is a fast and portable solution for copying large volumes of DVDs and CDs. The unit benefits from new features that enable true 16X DVD recording over all 10 drives simultaneously. The systems intuitive controller features 11 independent IDE ports allowing for a faster, more stable and controlled burn. The device, being part of the StorDigital range, is incredibly easy to use featuring auto start operation and disc copy verification for quality control. An additional feature is the Pre-Scan function that will check the quality of master discs prior to proceeding with the burn process. Pre-scanning discs will save time and money by way of preventing the production of poor copies.

The easy to use interface offers 2 buttons for navigation via a 2 line (40 character) display from where a host of functions and features can be accessed. The StorDigital SD10DVD 10 drive 16X DVD copier can also be used for audio disc editing, whereby tracks can be selected from multiple source discs and recombined to make a custom compilation.

The SD10DVD also features a large in-built hard drive, allowing for sustained periods of fast burning at a true 16X copy speed. Users can also use the on-board hard drive to store and source archived disc images. The standard 160Gb hard drive will allow for the storing of up to 36 4.7Gb DVDs, that can be recalled later. Using the hard drive to store discs enables for the fast retrieval and burning of discs and reduces the necessity to keep physical master discs at hand for everyday use, thus preventing wear and tear.

‘We are very happy to finally be able to offer a 10 drive DVD duplicator system that really does operate at 16X over all 10 drives. When you have a large volume production requirement more is always better in terms of drives, and with the SD10DVD featuring 10 DVD recorders you really can produce 10 full size DVDs in under 6 minutes,’ said Nic Ranshaw, Managing Director.

‘I think this duplicator is well suited to a professional production environment where people may be working to deadlines. I was very happy when I saw the system bench tested; I have been waiting for this machine for a long time.’ Ranshaw said.

To find out more information regarding StorDigital products including the SD10DVD Duplicator visit , call +44 (0) 20 8694 7820 or email