StorDigital Premium Duplicator now available in 3 Great Flavours

The StorDigital Premium duplicator range is now available in 3 distinct versions. New to the stable we have the latest version of the StorDigital SafeTower. Designed specifically to meet the requirments of data aware organisations the SafeTower duplicator has a 250GB removable hard drive. Once removed from the main system all secure data including DVD and CD disc images will no longer be accessible and the device will no longer be operational.

For image conscious disc publishers we have the new StorDigital PrintTower.  StorDigital PrintTower uses HP LightScribe technology, enabling the device to both copy discs data and burn labels direct to the disc surface. The PrintTower from StorDigital is a true turning point in Duplication.

Our best selling StorDigital Premium CopyTower now comes with 256MB cache controllers meaning that you can achieve faster and more stable burning of larger disc images over larger runs.

Whatever your requirement you can trust StorDigital Systems to provide a solution to perfectly match your needs. 

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