‘Make More from your Media’ with StorDigital SafeTower ~ StorDigital SafeTower offers advanced DVD video copy protection

Copy Prtection DVD duplicator

StorDigital ‘SafeTower’ offers DVD producers the option to easily produce high volumes of DVD discs protected against unlawful copying and ripping.
StorDigital ‘SafeTower’ is an easy to use standalone tower DVD and CD duplicator enhanced with an effective DVD video copy protection system. It uses a combination of hardware and Copy Protection Software (CPS) technology to embed copy protection directly onto the DVD video master disc. This master disc can then only be copied via a CPS-enabled duplicator, ensuring effective protection against both duplication and ripping.

Offering advanced level protection of DVD video discs, this new solution from StorDigital represents a turning point for in-house DVD duplication. For many, the opportunity to protect content from piracy has been seen as the ‘Holy Grail’ in securing revenues from content generation where the adage “Content is King” has never rung more true.

The StorDigital ‘SafeTower’ offers in-house publishers the most effective copy protection yet, with ease of use and the bonus of a low cost per protected title. Unlike other less effective tower duplicator solutions, the StorDigital ‘SafeTower’ system uses Copy Protection Software (CPS) to offer the user an enhanced level of protection from both copying and ripping whilst not effecting DVD video playback.

Operation could not be simpler! With the use of a PC, owner/operators use the supplied software to activate a copy protection component that is embedded within the master disc. Discs copied from the master via the new system will include the embedded copy protection component, meaning that illegal duplication of data is hindered, helping to protect both content and revenues.

Nic Ranshaw, founder of StorDigital Systems Ltd helped define the solution – “Piracy has never been a more important factor for publishers than in today’s increasingly specialised market. The effects of piracy are no longer restricted to the large publishing houses, since new digital technology has enabled end users with the power to both produce and publish their own commercial content. We know the efforts made by our customers to create unique and engaging content, and we are very pleased to be provide them with the tools necessary to both produce their content and protect their assets”.

At CD-writer.com Ltd we have long used the marketing phrase “Make More of Your Media” – but as home users become more industrious we are starting to change perspective to “Make More from Your Media”. It’s a really exciting time for StorDigital and CD-writer.com as we see home users grow into small businesses. By producing original content that has a market, digital publishers can find that DVD, CD and Blu-Ray production can offer big revenues.

We see a big market for those publishers that are producing DVD video such as wedding videos, self help videos, guides, information and video tutorials. Many of our customers go to great efforts to produce high quality, engaging original content and it’s only fair that they have the tools at hand to protect their property.

The new StorDigital ‘SafeTower’ also offers an exceptional opportunity for service providers who wish to differentiate their offering. By investing in the StorDigital ‘SafeTower’ solution duplication houses can add value, attract customers and increase revenues.

The StorDigital ‘SafeTower’ system featuring copy protect functionality will be available from StorDigital direct and their resellers from March 2010. To arrange a demo call StorDigital on 020 8293 0777.
Retail customers can get more information and buy online at www.cd-writer.com/safetower

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For further information contact: Nic Ranshaw

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About StorDigital Systems Ltd: StorDigital Systems Ltd was founded by CD-writer.com Ltd in 2002. They are now a leading UK manufacturer and supplier of specialist DVD, CD, Blu-Ray and USB duplication solutions. The range includes tower copiers, robotic duplicators and automated printers for DVD, CD, Blu-Ray and flash media. You can contact StorDigital Systems online at www.stordigital.com or by calling +44 208 293 0777.

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