Network DVD CD Duplicator

StorDigtial NetBurner 

Many companies are now upgrading their internal networks with client terminal that do not feature internal or attached optical drives. This reduces the cost but restricts the functionality of the terminal. Many individuals within an organisation often require functionality afforded by optical disc recorders, for back-up or media and data distribution purposes. So how can this conflict of cost versus function be resolved?

Companies can solve this problem easily thanks the StorDigital NetBurner – Network attached DVD and CD duplication towers. With configurations from 3 to 15 optical disc targets network clients can easily gain access to the functions afforded by a tower duplicator. If they wish to produce just a single disc or very many discs the StorDigital NetBurner is the best solution for the job.

Once connected to the network the NetBurner will appear on the clients desktop in the same way as other network drives allowing remote network clients to drag and drop files from their local terminals to the remote network attached duplicators hard drive.

Copy functions are actuated via the advanced copy controller built into the duplicator. With a StorDigital NetBurner your company can cut costs without sacrificing functionality. To find out how the NetBurner can help your company or to get any information about the StorDigital product range, call us on 020 8293 0777.

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