Should I buy an automated DVD Copier?

Many people think that the answer to their disc production needs is an automated DVD or CD copier. They see a low priced robot on the internet and imagine that the product can produce large amounts of discs very fast, almost like a replication factory. Actually you might say that the opposite is true. Generally speaking a robotic DVD CD copier will produce smaller volumes of discs fairly slowly.

Therefore if you are looking to make an investment into disc production hardware that may be required to enable business growth or for entry into a new market area several aspects must be considered.

Only then can the question, should I buy an automated DVD copier? be answered. If you need to invest in a duplicator, ask yourself, how many discs do I need to produce? how often? and how quickly? If the answer is around 100 discs per day a couple ot times per week, then you might find that a single drive automated system is sufficient. If the answer is, that you need to produce more discs, more oftent, then you will need to consider further options.

Remember a single DVD CD burner can record 1 single layer DVD in around 8 minutes, and 1 CD in around 3 minutes. Add to this some error correction and loading times and you will soon be able to work out how many drives an automated system will require in order to match your throughput requirements.

The StorDigital duplicator range has automated DVD copiers with capacities of up to 1000 with 8 recorders. For more advice or information call 020 8293 0777.

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