Discover the new StorDigital PrintTower at the Duplicator Day.

Burn It, Flip It, Print It with a StorDigital PrintTower

StorDigital’s LightScribe duplicators offer easy disc burning & labelling
New from StorDigital the PrintTower LightScribe duplicator offers silkscreen-quality disc printing direct from a DVD & CD duplication tower.
Burning and printing large volumes of discs has never been easier, thanks to a new range of DVD and CD duplication towers from StorDigital. The new standalone StorDigital PrintTower LightScribe duplicators are available in configuration from 1 to 15 targets and allow users to burn and label their discs in a traditional-style standalone tower copier. This is the perfect solution for any company or individual who wants to make the best impression with their disc.
StorDigital PrintTower duplicators feature patented HP LightScribe disc labeling technology. By utilising a special disc, LightScribe duplicator operators are able to burn their discs, then flip them and then burn a label or image on to the top of the disc. By offering duplicators featuring this enhanced functionality StorDigital Systems are revolutionising the traditional in-house production process.
Nic Ranshaw (MD of and CEO of StorDigital Systems) had this to say: “The introduction of our PrintTower LightScribe duplicators really does represent a turning point in the way people approach disc publishing. Traditionally if a tower duplicator customer wished to produce a disc that is both copied and labeled they would have to purchase a separate printer. We have transformed the process, making production simpler and reducing expenditure.“
He added, “We don’t consider that the LightScribe based system is perfect for everybody. It won’t replace our automated inkjet printers, but having a tower duplicator that can also label your discs is a strong selling point, especially considering the low cost of the media”.
StorDigital PrintTower duplicators featuring HP LightScribe technology are available to buy now from Ltd and StorDigital Systems on 0208 293 0777. Call now to register for your reseller account and start selling the UKs favourite range of CD, DVD and Blu-Ray Duplicators.
Retail customers can get more information and buy online at
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