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 StorDigital Systems unveil NEW PowerTower Pioneer DVD CD Duplicator
As part of our continue product development we have launched the new StorDigital PowerTower. The PowerTower DVD and CD duplicator utilises our years of experience in optical duplication technology production to deliver a tower DVD CD duplicator that operates at the very pinnacle of performance levels. With the StorDigital PowerTower you get, High Quality Build, [...]

 UPJET 3D Printer, by PRNT3D available to buy now from StorDigital.
The PRNT3D UPJET is a new 3D Printer based on the best selling UP! Plus 3D printer. Offering a number of advancements over the original unit the UPJET is designed to work straight out of the box with no assembly required and supported by software for both PC and MAC. All you need to do [...]

 Hard Drive Duplicator ? HD Clone Station 5 new from StorDigital Systems
As part of our continued drive to deliver innovative new products we are proud to announce the forthcoming release of our new range of Hard Drive Duplicators. The StorDigital Clone Station range will offer an easy to use solution for individuals and businesses engaged in system building and and IT systems management. The new HDD [...]

 11 Target Pioneer Duplicator now just £399 at
Customers looking for a reliable work horse tower duplicator cannot do better than investing in one of our Premium tower duplicators populated with Pioneer DVD CD Burners. The discounted Pioneer Duplicator can be bought here until January 4th 2011

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The fastest way to make lots of CDs or DVDs

Posted in News by Nicr on the July 8th, 2008

StorDigital Duplicators are supplied in range of capacities with varied specifications. What is right for one customer will not necessarily suit the needs of another customer. However; two features high on the list of requirements are speed and quality. So how can you produce your discs fast and ensure quality? Fortunately at StorDigital Systems we have the answer. In our experience customers that need to spend the minimum amount of money but get the maximum thoughput per hour are best advised to invest in a tower duplicator and an automated cd printer. Not only will this solution offer a fast return on your investment, it will also offer a scalable platform allowing for the flexibility to meet a range of production requirements. The tower copier and auto disc printer combination offers a very different level of service and operation to what can be achieved with a DVD publisher like Primera Disc Publisher Pro.  A disc publisher is best used for producing lower volumes of unique discs rather than for mass duplication. Thinking Big? Think StorDigital disc factories.